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  • Longer rides and bigger adventures can equal greater strain on the hands and wrists. Our special silicone foam blend absorbs shock much better than conventional grips and offers maximum comfort. The super soft and UV resistant silicone foam compound is exclusively produced for Reverse Components and makes the ride not only smoother and reduces hard feedback of the handlebar. It also gives you extraordinary grip in wet conditions. These grips are very comfortable if you are riding without gloves and give the hand a huge contact surface.
    The extra reinforced aluminium bar ends also protect the handlebar if the bike is dropped to the ground.

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    40,90 €
  • - Grip pattern: None
    - Outer diameter: Ø 34 mm
    - Inner diameter: Ø 22.2 mm (standard diameter of handlebar end)
    - Will fit all standard handlebars on the market
    - Width: 150 mm
    - Weight: 175 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Reverse silicone foam / aluminium (bar-ends)

  • - Reverse Lock On / Bar-Ends, extra reinforced
    - Super Shock absorbing Soft compound


Safety-Level 3

Sicherheitslevel 3MTB Hardtails and fullsuspension bikes with short travel are typical for this category.

Bikes of this category are suitable for rough and unpaved terrain.Occasional drop-offs with a max. Height of about 60 cm are in the use area of these bicycles.


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Safety-Level 4

Sicherheitslevel 3Fullsuspension bikes with a medium travel are typical for this category.

Bikes of this category are suitable for very rough and partially interlocked terrain with steeper slopes and higher speeds. Regular, moderate drop-offs up to a height of Approx. 122 cm by experienced riders represent no problem for these bikes.


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Safety-Level 5

Sicherheitslevel 3Fullsuspension bikes with long Travel, but also Dirt jump bikes are the distinguishing features of this category.

This category stands for very demanding, strongly interlocked and extremely steep terrain. Larger drops at very high speeds as well as the intensive use of Bike Parks or Downhill Trails are typical of this category.


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Use of categories

If you select a Category 5 product, it automatically meets all requirements of theunderlying categories. The same applies to all other categories.