Change brings evolution

E Bikes have exploded in popularity in the last few years and the capabilities of the current bikes are redefining what can be achieved by all types of riders. The idea behind the E-Series was to meet the new demands of E-Bike riders and to satisfy legal requirements for retailers selling aftermarket tuning parts.

Due to the rapid development and spread of modern E-Bikes and our background in designing, testing and creating Gravity MTB products, we saw in this area a new challenge for our company.

As a long-standing manufacturer and specialist for load-optimized components for mountain biking, we have focused our technical know-how, our product development and our expertise in this topic and created the E-Series as a result.

In close cooperation with the German EFBE testing laboratory, a separate test standard was developed for E-Bike Components. Following this new "EFBE E-MTB Tri-Test", our E-Series components are tested and certified in the EFBE Pruftecknik test laboratory. In order to be able to carry out the test under accurate conditions, real-time data was collected with a wide variety of rider types and in different environments using strain gauges.

We can justifiably claim that through the development of our E-Series over the past few years, we have gained technical knowledge in the field of e-bike attachments, which no other manufacturer can match.

Interview with Markus Pekoll

Markus Pekoll shredding the E-Serie

EFBE Test E-Element Handlebar