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Colab Kettenspanner

Question: Which Chains are compatible with the Colab Chain Tensioner

Answer: There is no definitive answer because of the many products on the market. But we can say that all common 9/10/11 and 12-speed chains manufactured by SRAM, Shimano and KMC should fit. Special single speed chains such as Half-Link and BMX chains as well as KMC Wide chains are not compatible.

Question: Which sprockets are compatible with the Colab Chain Tensioner

Answer: From 13T up to 17T sprockets are compatible. Smaller sprockets are not compatible since they don’t have enough chain-wrap. Bigger sprockets are not compatible due to the limited space between the sprocket and the upper pulley wheel on the Colab Chain Tensioner.

Question: I have a problem with the chain tension

Answer: Please see our How to Install video here for setup issues.

Question: I have a problem with the XD-Single Speed Kit

Answer: In case you still have fitment issues after using all supplied washers to adjust the chainline, please check if you have a XD rather than XD-R freehub. In case of the XD-R freehub, you need to a additional washer to the SSP-Kit (Part No.: #20070) to compensate for the difference in Freehub body length.

Question: Can I dissasemble my chain tensioner?

Answer: We do not reccomend dissasembling your Chain Tensioner. Regularly cleaning away dust and applying a small amount of dy lubricant should keep it working smoothly.

Question: Can i use all supplied washer to adjust the chainline at once

Answer: Yes, you can adjust your chainline using the supplied washers up to 3.3mm

Question: Where can i find replacement parts for my Colab Chain Tensioner

Answer: You can find spare parts at our online-shop (https://shop.reverse-components.com) or at your local retail or online shop.

Question: My chain is skipping on the sprocket, what can i do

Answer: Please see our How to Install video here for setup issues. Often this is due to the chain being too long, or not leaving the correct 1-3mm gap between th sprocket and top cog of the tensioner.

Question: Which types of bikes are compatible to the Colab Chain Tensioner

Answer: Generally it can be used on all bike that come stock with a derailleur hanger. It does not matter if ist a Hardtail or a Full-Suspension bike

Question: How do I remove my rear wheel now?

Answer: To remove your rear wheel, the Chain Tensioner should be slightly loosened on the deraillieur hanger to remove tension, then it can be removed.

Question: Is the Tension inside the Colab Chain Tensioner adjustable

Answer: No, our Colab Chain Tensioner is designed with a fixed tension.

Question: My Colab Chain Tensioner broke, what should i do

Answer: In case your Colab Chain Tensioner got damaged, please contact our customer support for a crash-replacement offer or a warranty request. Our Customer support will assess your case and get you back riding!

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