E-Product Category: Ø25,4mm, Safety-Level 3
  • The ELEMENT handlebars of the E-SERIES are characterized by their exceptional strength and stiffness. With our new ELEMENT BUTTING technology we are able to build our handlebars more stable than ever before with an excellent strength to weight ratio.

    Based on real-time data we developed a revolutionary test procedure together with the EFBE Prüftechnik GmbH in Germany, where our Element handlebars are tested under the toughest conditions for safe use on e-bikes.
    So if you do not want to compromise on safety or design in your e-bike components, then our ELEMENT handlebar is the right choice!

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    84,90 €
  • - Width: 770 mm
    - Ø: 25.4 mm
    - Rise: 40 mm
    - Backsweep: 12°
    - Upsweep: 5°
    - Weight: 342 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Maximum permissible bike + rider weight: 130 kg
    - Material: Element aluminium

  • - E-Safety Level: Category 3 (Standard)
    - EFBE E-MTB Tri Test (EPAC MTB-XC) tested
    - Element butted aluminium
    - Cutting lines: for orientation when shortening the handlebar
    - Alignment lines: for orientation when mounting on the stem



Safety-Level 3

Sicherheitslevel 3MTB Hardtails and fullsuspension bikes with short travel are typical for this category.

Bikes of this category are suitable for rough and unpaved terrain.Occasional drop-offs with a max. Height of about 60 cm are in the use area of these bicycles.


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Safety-Level 4

Sicherheitslevel 3Fullsuspension bikes with a medium travel are typical for this category.

Bikes of this category are suitable for very rough and partially interlocked terrain with steeper slopes and higher speeds. Regular, moderate drop-offs up to a height of Approx. 122 cm by experienced riders represent no problem for these bikes.


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Safety-Level 5

Sicherheitslevel 3Fullsuspension bikes with long Travel, but also Dirt jump bikes are the distinguishing features of this category.

This category stands for very demanding, strongly interlocked and extremely steep terrain. Larger drops at very high speeds as well as the intensive use of Bike Parks or Downhill Trails are typical of this category.


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Use of categories

If you select a Category 5 product, it automatically meets all requirements of theunderlying categories. The same applies to all other categories.