• With this pedal, we've worked to improve shredding for young riders, with better ergonomics to suit smaller feet. With kids bikes being lighter and more capable than ever, it's time to get the components to fit the smaller proportions that kids have.

    In our opinion this topic gets too little attention by the bicycle industry. Be it with the Q-factor of the children's bicycles or the oversized pedal surface of the pedals for children's feet!

    Both the Q-factor and the support surface of the shoe on the pedal body, were taken into consideration during the development of the Youngstar pedal. The extra-short pedal axle allows a significantly lower Q-factor, which stops the legs being forced into the bow legged "X-position".

    This makes it much easier for the kids and leads to a more circular rotations. Due to the smaller pedal surface for kids feet, the pedal flipping is reduced. Imagine you have to stand on a pedal the size of an A4 sheet! You will definitely tip backwards or forwards, since you could never really stand on the middle of such a pedal! The Youngstar is much smaller, making it much easier to find the point of balance.
    With its weight of just 229 g, this aluminium pedal pair with CrMo axle is tough, durable but will be lighter than most pedals out there.

    Fits for children up to shoe size 34 (US size 3).

    Safety note:
    Unless otherwise specified by the crank manufacturer.
    Make sure that the pedals are tightened to min. 37 to max. 42 Nm.

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    64,90 €
  • - Pedal size: 70 x 62 mm
    - Pedal height: 20 mm
    - Pedal thread: 9/16"
    - Bearings: 2 x industrial bearing
    - Weight: 229 g in pair (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Aluminium (pedal) CrMo (axle)

  • - Shortened pedal axle
    - Adapted pedal body
    - CrMo axle
    - Sealed industrial bearings
    - 2x Pedal washers: to protect the crankset thread
    - Height adjustable pins (0 mm to 4 mm)