• Protect your bike!
    Make paint scratches and chips a thing of the past and increase the value of your bike by keeping your frame intact for when you sell it.

    TechnoSkin is our new advanced bike protection film. Available in 4 different cover levels, each with a matte or glossy finish. The TechnoSkin film is easy to apply, durable and effectively protects your bike from paint damage.

    The kits range from

    1. "Essential Kit", which protects the top tube and chain stay.
    2. "Full Frame Kit", which offers complete protection for the frame.
    3. "Maximum Kit", which offers complete protection for the frame as well as fork and crank.
    4. "Rolls" to cut to size yourself.

    TechnoSkin makes bubbles up to a certain size disappear after application, is extra durable, does not yellow and is easy to apply and remove.

    *Important notes and information on installation and removal

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    34,90 €
  • - Protective film for: top tube, chain stay, head tube and cabel.
    - Thickness: 0.3 mm
    - Finish: Glossy (7592) / Matt (7595)

    - Top tube: 1x 80x530mm.
    - Chain stay: 1x 50x300mm.
    - Head tube: 2 x 50x70mm.
    - Cable: 3x 50x20mm

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