• Grips that fit like a glove. The ergonomic design tapers from a 34 mm diameter at the inner clamp to 30 mm at the bar end, relieving pressure at the 4th and 5th fingers and the outer palm, allowing more control and less fatigue. Tested by our Downhill riders, they requested the Taper grips to be put into production due to the increased ability to do more runs with less fatigue!  The ribbed grip pattern and rubber compound gives good vibration damping qualities, increasing the smooth ride.

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    26,90 €
  • - Grip pattern: Reverse lamellar
    - Outer diameter: Ø 34 mm to 30 mm
    - Inner diameter: Ø 22.2 mm (standard diameter of handlebar end)
    - Will fit all standard handlebars on the market
    - Width: 130 mm
    - Weight: 138 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Reverse soft compound / aluminium (lock rings + chip bar-ends)

  • - Reverse Lock On / Chip Bar-Ends