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  • No more dropped chains. The Flip guide is our latest chainguide solution which allows the user to make quick adjustments and "flip" the guide out of the way by hand when removing the crank.
    By hand, you can flip the upper guide out of the way and into the "service" position for easy chain cleaning and crank removal if necessary. When done, flip it back down into the "riding" position and it will firmly lock into place, keeping the chain secure on the roughest of tracks!

    For secondary adjustments, the Flip guide has a clever spring loaded micro adjustment system allows fine tuning of the top guide via the allen bolt to get it sitting within the chain line perfectly - simply thread in to bring closer or thread out to move it further away.

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    34,90 €
  • - For Shimano Steps 7000 - 8000 & EP8 Engines
    - Weight: 49 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Material: Steel
    - Easy installation without removing your crank
    - Micro adjustment system for fine tuning
    - Compatible with 26t-36t Chainrings
    - Single tool install and adjustment
    - Boost chainring compatible
    - Oval chainring Compatible

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