Now available in new Copper colourway

Big jumps, gnarly gaps and heavy landings - The idea for the Nico VInk Signature series was simple, to make a range of parts designed Nico’s preferences and needs for durability.  For 2021, we’ve updated his signature series line, including handlebar, grips, seat and seatpost to include a new copper colourway.

Signature Series Handlebar

The Vink handlebar has probably seen more airtime than any other bar on earth. Available in 18mm, 35mm, and Nico’s preferred 48mm rise. The bar has a 7° backsweep , 5° upsweep and at it’s full 810mm length it weighs in at a healthy 390g. Let’s just say it’s a bar you can trust.

Available -> RRP € 94,90

Signature Series Saddle & Seatpost

The Vink Saddle is a durable, comfortable option for Freeride/DH and slopestyle bikes. Nico even runs it on his Scout. Tough kevlar edges, ideal shape for tricks and thick padding for when you miss the pedals trying those crank flips.
The Vink seatpost is another product which ranks pretty high in the durability stakes, so much so, it nearly broke the fatigue test machine in the EFBE test lab. Available in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, it has an easily adjustable seat post head, so it’s extremely easy to adjust and fine tune the saddle angle.

Available -> RRP € 57,90

Signature Series Grips

The final product in the series are the Vink grips. They prioritise feel on the bar with a mid-size 30mm diameter and medium compound rubber with a ribbed pattern. Now available 2 new options – brown rubber grip with black lock rings + end caps, and Black rubber grip with copper lock rings end caps.

Available -> RRP € 26,90

Nico Vinks Transition TR11