Top-notch testing methods

Top-notch testing methods

All Reverse handlebars and stems are tested according EFBE – Standard MTB-G. The “G” stands for gravity. It subjects out components to a three-stage test.

  1.     100,000 cycles of parallel and out-of-phase loads.
  2.     Test of maximum load in intended user
  3.     Overload test beyond the scope of intended use to simulate foreseeable misuse or damage from accidents

We consider this maximum an overload test to be extremely important for the rider – and the exceed the requirements of the DIN EN 14766 standard, which doesn’t even address these situations. This is essential for carbon and lightweight constructions in general. After all, the people who came up with the European standard had something different in mind, what we`d call “cross-country” today – and certainly not the gravity-intensive bike riders of today.

Reverse an EFBE also work in close cooperation in other fields and are currently developing new test standards.



Procukttest Videos from the EFBE Lab