• With our Youngstar stem, we continue what we started in 2018 with the Youngstar pedal.
    Child-friendly ergonomics, safe handling and low weight!

    Our Youngstar stem uses our Reverse Power Cube technology for mounting on the steerer tube. The Reverse Power cube is located inside the stem and clamps both the handlebar and the steerer tube with only one set of bolts on the front of the stem.

    Our specially designed clamping technology allows for a super light and easy to adjust system, which offers a high level of safety.
    The technique specifically eliminates the need for bolts for the steerer clamp, allowing for a smooth, round design. This avoids harsh edges that could possibly cause injuries to the knees, arms or face in the event of a fall or slip.
    As with the other products in the Youngstar series, ergonomic design, strength and safety are our top priorities.

    It’s super easy to use if the handlebar is replaced, a spacer is added under the stem or routine maintenance is done. In order to reduce unnecessary weight and make the learning of riding MTB as easy as possible for the children, the stem is kept very short!
    With a length of only 35 mm and a low stack height, this stem offers a compact, manoeuvrable cockpit to give children more control.


    44,90 €
  • - Length:  35 mm
    - Clamping diameter: 31.8 mm
    - Ø head tube: 1 1/8"
    - Angle: 0°
    - Stack height: 38 mm
    - Clamping platform: 37 mm
    - Weight: 99 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Construction type: CNC machined
    - Material: Aluminium 6061 T6

  • - Reverse Power Cube technology
    - Child-friendly ergonomics
    - Service-friendly design