E-Product Category: Safety-Level 5
  • Less vibrations equals more energy to charge!
    The Seismic Carbon is our flagship handlebar, the goal for the bar was to make the strongest carbon bar possible, while focusing on the reduction of vibrations which occur on long runs in rough terrain which cause lower arm fatigue, leading to less arm-pump and the ability to ride more and for longer!
    There have been and are many approaches to achieve this, even filling the handlebars with foam. But to solve the problem and efficiently reduce vibrations, you have to start with the material first. And that's what we did.  

    In close cooperation with our engineers and our test laboratory EFBE in Germany, we looked for a solution to produce a bar with exceptional strength and longevity with compliance that improved the ride quality. The result was a unique processing technology of carbon laminates which makes it possible to produce a handlebar which is a lightweight and strong under the harshest conditions. By optimising the layup to produce the desired amount of compliance, we produced a carbon handlebar that actively reduces arm-pump by dulling impacts and reducing vibrations rather than producing a harsh ride. A bar that gives you confidence to launch into rocks and roots sections, without the fear of a shock through the hands when you land.

    The Seismic handlebar is tested to the highest level, it passed the strongest possible handlebar test standard that exists – the EFBE EPAC MTB-GR 2021– suitable for the toughest E-Bike and DH use, thanks to its Safety-Level 5 approval.
    Whether you’re mastering stages on the Enduro World Series, hitting DH runs and Bikepark laps or simply want the most durable and best feeling carbon bar possible for your rides, the Seismic is carbon done right.

    Available in both Ø 31.8mm and Ø 35mm diameters, with a 25mm rise, in a full 810mm length with cutting lines.

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    179,90 €
  • - Width: 810 mm
    - Ø 35 mm (and 31.8 mm)
    - Rise: 25 mm
    - Upsweep: 5°
    - Backsweep: 7°
    - Weight: 197 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)(200g Ø 31.8 mm)
    - Maximum permissible bike + rider weight: 130 kg
    - Material: Carbon

  • - Cutting lines: for orientation when cutting down the handlebar (minimum width 720mm)
    - Alignment lines: for orientation when mounting on the stem
    - Reverse “Sandpaper” stem fixation: roughened surface in the stem clamping area to increase the clamping effect
    - Reverse “Sandpaper” grip & brake fixation: roughened surface in the grip area to increase the clamping effect and to eliminate twisting of grips, brake and trigger clamps

    - E-Safety Level: Category 5 (Maximum)
    - EFBE E-MTB Tri Test (EPAC MTB-GR) tested