E-Product Category: Safety-Level 5
  • Nico asked for a seat post that was easily adjustable and "bomb proof", so we built it for him!
    He needs parts that he can rely on under all circumstances. Thanks to the new seat post head, it is now extremely easy to adjust the angle and fine tune the saddle angle.
    This aluminium seat post is so robust that before the post yielded to the test in the EFBE lab, the machine had to be turned off to avoid destroying the tool!

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    57,90 €
  • - Length: 350 mm
    - Ø: 31.6 mm
    - Weight: 269 g (+/- 5% weight tolerance)
    - Maximum permissible bike + rider weight: 130 kg
    - Material: Aluminium

  • - E-Safety Level: Category 5 (Maximum)
    - EFBE E-MTB Tri Test (EPAC MTB-GR) tested