Fort Will CrMo Style

  • Part-Nr.: 00359 Colours: Black, Yellow
  • Part-Nr.: 40300 Colours: Black, Red
  • Part-Nr.: 40301 Colours: Black, Green
  • Part-Nr.: 40302 Colours: Black, Orange
  • Part-Nr.: 40303 Colours: Blue, White
  • Part-Nr.: 40304 Colours: Orange, White
  • Part-Nr.: 40305 Colours: Red, White
  • Part-Nr.: 40306 Colours: Black, White
  • Part-Nr.: 40307 Colours: Black, White
  • Part-Nr.: 40310 Colours: Black, Candy, Red, White
  • Part-Nr.: 40311 Colours: Black, Grey
  • Part-Nr.: 40312 Colours: Black, Grey
  • Part-Nr.: 40319 Colours: Black, Blue

Eigenschaften (Features)

Size: 275mm x 130mm
Weight: 234g (+/- 5% production tolerance)


Saddle rail: 7mm CrMo
Saddle cover: special-vinyl

Beschreibung (Description)

Our Fort Will saddle is a true top seller and is much loved by XC riders, Enduro riders or Downhill riders at the same level. The comfortable shape of the saddle is designed to distribute the weight evenly, coupled with a slim, low profile design to allow you free movement on bike and in the air.


34,90 EUR

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