Base 790 35mm Rise Ø31,8mm

  • Part-Nr.: 01411 Colours: Black, White
  • Part-Nr.: 01412 Colours: White
  • Part-Nr.: 01413 Colours: Red, White
  • Part-Nr.: 01414 Colours: Chrome
  • Part-Nr.: 01415 Colours: Titangrey
  • Part-Nr.: 01428 Colours: Black, Yellow
  • Part-Nr.: 01429 Colours: Candy
  • Part-Nr.: 01438 Colours: Black, Candy
  • Part-Nr.: 01439 Colours: Black, Green
  • Part-Nr.: 01459 Colours: Black, Fox-Orange
  • Part-Nr.: 01464 Colours: Neonorange
  • Part-Nr.: 01466 Colours: Neonyellow
  • Part-Nr.: 01468 Colours: Black, Red
  • Part-Nr.: 01488 Colours: Neongreen
  • Part-Nr.: 01622 Colours: Black, Stealth
  • Part-Nr.: 01624 Colours: Racing Green

Eigenschaften (Features)

Width: 790mm
Ø 31,8mm
Rise: 35mm
Backsweep: 7°
Upsweep: 5°
Weight: 303g (+/- 5% production tolerance)


Aluminum 7075 (double butted)

Beschreibung (Description)

The Base handlebar combines stiffness and longevity with a relaxed 7° Backsweep and is a World Cup proven performer.


59,90 EUR

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