Wird geladen ...

1) What’s your name and where are you from ?

My name is Julian Steiner and I live in Germany near Stuttgart. 


2) How old are you?


I’m 23 Years young.


3) How did you start riding bikes?


I started riding in the local woods digging jumps with my mates and watching New World Disorder haha  


4) How would you describe you riding style?


I would say powerful and sometimes you see I don't care to much about line's and just go straight and trying to hold on :D  




5) How many bikes do you have?


DH, Trail Bike, Pumptrack, BMX so 4 bikes. 


6) Who do you like to ride with the most?


To be honest I enjoy riding on the DH bike as much as riding on the pump track. But if I need to choose one then I would go with my Solid Strike.  


7) Where is you favourite place to ride?


Queenstown. This place is amazing can't wait to be back there this winter!!


8) When you're not riding bikes, what do you like to do?


There's not much time between races, training and working.. I like to go out with the boys to be honest :D  


9) What is your best result?


My best result was 21th at a European cup a few weeks ago.  First place Pumptrack World Series.


10) What's your dream as rider/racer?


My dream is to look back on the thing's I did when I'm old and say Yes bro that was a good time. And Goal as a racer is always to be better then yesterday and then we see where I end up.