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the first Bike Park in the North of France!

A track to initiate you and discover downhill mountain biking in complete safety:  blue version or red version

  • Difficulty: BLUE or RED

2.7 km green run ideal for beginners and people with reduced mobility as it is accessible to all-terrain wheelchairs.

  • Difficulty: RED / MEDIUM

Freeride initiation track dotted with small wooden modules, which can be bypassed, to progress and do like the older ones

  • Difficulty: Green / Very Easy

A track that winds from the top of the station to the bottom with perfect fluidity all along the route. The favorite of "pure descenders"

  • Difficulty: RED / MEDIUM

A technical and fast track which requires a very good level of practice. The Nuts connects passages of roots and rocks throughout the descent. This is the Lac Blanc downhill French Cup track. Guaranteed sensations!!!

  • Difficulty: BLACK / EXPERT

it will take you to an atmosphere worthy of the slopes found in Canada. The Roots takes you through many walkways and different wooden modules. Throughout the track you will find many variants that will allow you to combine pleasure and difficulty:

  • Difficulty: BLUE or RED

this is a real slopestyle over 1.5km long. There are gaps of all sizes, step up, step down, wall, curved wall, tables, doubles... All to be chained at full speed with many banked turns: red version or black version. The R'LINE variant will bring thrills to the most experienced.

  • Difficulty: RED or BLACK

It will allow you to measure yourself as a team over more than 400 meters long on a course composed of banked turns, hoops, jumps...

Trail Map

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