Wird geladen ...

Heike Schmid CEO (DE)

Heike’s journey on 2-wheels started in 1989 with the motorized variety, she was often seen tearing around the roads of the Black Forest with Peter aboard her Suzuki 750.
After discovering MTB in the 1990’s and starting Reverse Components in 2004, mountainbikes have been her passion since.
Monday-Friday she spends running the business as Reverse owner and weekends + holidays are spent on 2-wheels!
She’s ridden most of the World’s best bikeparks from Whistler to Hafjell, to Chatel and EVO, and loves all forms of riding from DH bikes, to pumptracks, trail -riding and e-biking.


Gemma Corbera (ES)

Since I was very little I did rollerskating, artistic, with 4 wheels. And I loved jumping, not dancing, hehe.
I stopped rollerskating and when I was 17 years old I bought my first Rollers for the skatepark. There I started to see that there were bikes in the skatepark. One day I went to the skatepark with friends, and we went to the La Poma bikepark to see other friends.
It was love at first sight! I had never seen bikes jumping like that. From that day on I started working to buy my  first dirtjump bike.

My father didn't believe it because I had never ridden a bike or done anything.
I started from 0 to jump :) I started with Dirt Jump and going to dirt events with the guys and shows and recently I started Freeride. I love the adrenaline and the challenges. My passion is jumping.


Chelsea Kimball (US)

Chelsea is a freespirited traveller who lives to ride and push limits!

Capable of shredding all disciplines from Slopestyle to Downhill to Rampage-level Freeride.
Drops, jumps and super techy riding are her strengths, along with a mindset that is up for the gnarliest features around!


CJ Selig (US)

CJ Selig is from the US, now living in Germany and working for Reverse Components as the Athlete Marketing Manager for North America.

A rider for over 10 years now, CJ is comfortable on big jumps, freeride lines and is most at home on her favourite terrain of Virgin, Utah. 


Lisl Prochiner (AT)

Lisa Prochiner is a passionate freeride mountainbiker from Austria.

"I grew up in a little village in the alps of south Austria with no bikeparks around but a big mountain right in the back of my house.

So my dad and his friends always build some freeride trails there on their own. That’s how I started biking.
Everyday after the school I took my bike and shovel and went in the woods. From there I grew up riding and spent some years racing DH but eventually stopped racing because it wasn’t my definition of what I want from biking, and so I went back home into my woods. I spent some time on the slopestyle circuit at FMB level events but with injures I stopped them.

Currently I am traveling around Europe for searching the best places to ride my bike. I am motivated to find new places and ride them. Especially some places like little Utah. For me it turned out that, what I did as a kid, is real biking. Go somewhere, find a place, search a line .. And build it and SEND IT!!"


Bine Herzog (DE)

Three years ago, Bine Herzog was on her own with her passion for MTB. She started small after-work- events to connect people. Quickly, she made friends with like-minded people and began going to bikeparks.

Since May 2019 there hasn‘t been much stopping her and she‘s been riding her bike on a daily basis. In 2021 she started riding her dirtbike.

Unfortunately, an ankle joint injury occured. Nevertheless, this didn‘t stop her either. First and foremost she‘s eager to support girls and connects them. Therefore, she annually hosts the ‚Girl Shred Event‘. Her slogan: Shred together!


Elisabeth Brandau (DE)

"I am known as a down-to-earth Schönaicherin who always sets her goals high and no matter what she tackles, she wants to finish it in the best possible way".

Elizabeth was an all-rounded athlete growing up and in her teens she started to focus more on road racing. In 2006 she participated in a 24hr MTB race then built her first mountainbike for riding in her spare time.
From there she has grew as a force in the German XC World, becoming XC champion, cyclocross and after having children in 2015, against others advice, she was even more determined to focus on her goals, gaining a World Cup podium and participating in the Tokyo Olympics. An incredible athlete!


Candice Tupin (FR)

Candice Tupin is a 17 year-old Freeride from the French Alps. Riding Bikepark, skater big jumps and everything that there is on offer in her local mountain-playgrounds, she's got a diverse skillset and will be soon showing her brother Vinny-T how it's done !


Katharina Klos (GER)

The foundations for the love of descending, downhill sports and speed were laid when Katha stood on skis for the first time at the age of two years, but it took another 25 years until the change from winter to summer and from skis to two-wheelers finally happened.
Since then, mountain biking has steadily taken up more space in her life and has become an integral part, whether big bike, enduro or dirt bike, the main driving force is to spend time outside in nature. By working as mountain bike guide, participating in various DH and Enduro races and by supporting the local female MTB community, she was able to spend a lot of time with people who share the same passion.
She prefers to be out and about riding technical and more natural terrain.