Wird geladen ...

1) What’s your name and where are you from?

Bobby Root, born in Indio, California


2) How old are you?

42 years old.


3) How did you start riding bikes?

Since I was a kid I was doing things like jumping the bmx bike off apartment roofs into swimming pools with cast on the leg from a break.

I never needed a crowd to be a jackass.


4) How would you describe you riding style?

Freerider who lets the horse run wild .


5) How many bikes do you have?





6) Who do you like to ride with the most?

I like to ride with people who love riding, leaving egos behind.


7) Where is your favourite place to ride?

Kernvill California enduro

Big bear snow summit park. 

Idyllwild California World Cup style DH track.

Italy for road biking.

Hawaii for triatholon.


8)When you're not riding bikes, what do you like to do?

Motocross, jet ski, Boating, camping.


9) What is your best result?

Choose one.

1.3x Guinness world record holder

2.Qualified for iron man

3.Hawaii state champion.

4.Personal goal met on DH track to beat Gee Atherton and Rachel at the Milka wheels of speed In Willingen Germany coming 7 seconds behind Aaron Gwin.

5.Ramp to ramp winner for more than 4 years consecutive for bike trade shows in Riva Del Garda.

6.Believe it or not, world record speed wheelie!


10) What's your dream as rider/racer?

To live my life on a bike.

Set goals to reach new levels of riding.

To inspire others and share life.