Nico Vink (BE)

Hi Nico can you introduce yourself shortly?
My name is Nico Vink, I live in Belgium, I'm turning 32 and I love riding bikes.

Can you tell us how you started riding a bike?
My dad had a bikeshop and raced MX in his young days so riding bikes kinda got presented to me from the moment I was born.

Did you use training wheels?
No Training wheels.

What was your first bike?
Just a random kids bike. Don’t really remember it.

When was your first race? And in which discipline?
My first race was in 1986, It was a BMX race.

You have properly seen Jackson Goldstone or have heard of him. What do you think when you see what kids these days are capable to do on a bike? What does this mean for the future of biking?
I love watching kids like him ride. I just imagine how cool the Bike Parks must look true a little kids eyes. I already feel like a kid when I ride them imagine how a kid feels.

How did you become a professional rider?
My parents helped me a lot to achieve this. They gave me the changes and support to travel and go to the races. From there on I had some good results and sponsors started to recognize me.

Can you give our customers any advice?
Go ride and have fun.

Would you mind to describe a normal day in your life, when you are off the bike?
Mostly I'm just thinking where to go ride or what I can do next, when I'm of the bike I'm either injured, organizing projects, building trails, or spending time with the lady.

And what is a normal day of riding for you?
Wake up, Have a nice breakfest, load the van, meet my friends and ride bikes and build new stuff to ride until its dark and the day's over.

Tell us how it is to travel at least half the year and being forced to spend a lot of time on the road? Many believe it must be like living a dream, is it for you still that way?
I'm super happy with the traveling part. I love to go to places and ride new spots. It’s a little bit addictive. I don’t find it easy to stay long at the same place. I have to move and I like the change. There are days where I think of having more stable lifestyle but in the end I'm also aware that it might bore me pretty quick. I'm happy the way things are.

What discipline do you compete in?
I don’t really compete anymore. I just do video's and ride the fest series.
The only event I ride, that is a competition is Red Bull Rampage But I'm not there to compete.   
Let’s call it freeride :-)

How can you describe your riding style?
I love going fast and big. There's nothing better.

How is your opinion on the wheel size discussion? 26”/650B/29” does size matter?
I love 26” I dont want to give in to the 27” trend yet. I'm used to riding my 26” wheels and they are perfect for the way I love riding. I'm sure for racing WC and stuff the 27”  wheels are better but I'm not racing anymore. I just want to play. 29” is for roadies.

Injuries are part of the game, when you ride on a certain level. Did you suffer from any injuries?
I suffered from a couple of injuries, If you ride bikes you know you'll get them one day or the other, you just got to move on and as long as you’re riding you'll be exposed to them. Part of the game.

Can you give us an overview of your personal top achievments in the sport?
Twice made it to Rampage finals, I'm stoked on that, My segments in Earthed 3 and 4.
8 times Belgian national DH champ, My RAD company segment, 2nd place speed and style Crankworx Les2alpe. 2nd place Dual slalom Crankworx whistler in 08 on the cheap bike. Having the speed record on the glacier in the 2012 Mountain of hell race. I've don 123K on a little enduro bike. Pumped on that.  My biggest proud is to be a part of the Fest Series crew. The Fest is what I stand for and what riding should be like to me.

What are your goals for the future?
Keep on making the fest sicker, Build my Ultimate line, Shoot a Utah edit and keep on riding until I'm  too old to ride without losing the real joy of riding bikes.

Why do you ride Reverse Components / Solid Bikes?
I like Peter and Heike a lot. They have been helping me over the last couple of years and they are just easy and nice to work with.

Anything you wish from your sponsor?
Nothing special

A last statement…
Live your Life.

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