Max Kruse (DE)

Hi Max can you introduce yourself shortly?
Hi my parents called me Max Kruse! 22 years of age and born and raised in Bielefeld, in Germany. I can call a “little massive dirt line” my backyard, I use it for chilled session in the sunset after a long day.
I love to race my downhill bike and I also love to ride my moto bike in the deep and loose dirt...but my passion is freeriding with the big bike and sometimes with my moto too. Friends think I am like a Captian Jack Sparrow – JUST BEING FREE and do what I want. I call it loose life with a purpose.

Can you tell us how you started riding a bike?
One of my brothers has started with downhill and all this stuff. I was just riding my small a 50ccm moto dirtbike (MX ) from KTM . When I saw my brother on the big bike it definitely got me and I wanted to do ride downhill and freeride… This is how it started …

Did you use training wheels?
...No I’m one of the hard guys  “smile” ... my parents put me on a little silver bike and pushed me until I could ride by myself. It was the same bike that my three siblings learned cycling on.

What was your first bike?
An old silver kids bike with 16” wheels and a cool oldschool look... just plain silver

When was your first race? And in which discipline?
With my brother on a bike in our street...I think it´s long time ago as we were little kids. But those were the toughest races.
My first downhill race was in Rittershausen (Germany ) in the kids class with an old beaten up CMP Firestarter hardtail.

You have properly seen Jackson Goldstone or have heard of him. What do you think when you see what kids these days are capable to do on a bike? What does this mean for the future of biking?
Yeah man! This kid is awesome.... I hope that all sorts of gravity sport is becoming bigger and bigger.... and maybe at some point it will have more fans than soccer “as they have just one ball!”

How did you become a professional rider?
Just riding bikes and have fun... but I have goals and I am motivated and focused

Can you give our customers any advice?
Go out ride your bike and if you are a Solid customer, than there is no advice necessary anymore. If not get yourself a damn good Solid Bike. And always keep  the fun of riding in your mind.

Would you mind to describe a normal day in your life, when you are off the bike?
I get up early in the morning. Do a zombie walk to the bathroom and after that a faster zombie walk to the kitchen to drink a big glas of milk or a freshly pressed juice or smoothie with everything in it. After that I most likely have to go to work.
But a day off the bike is not the norm for me… as I always like to ride one of my bikes ( MTB, MX ) or I just go to the gym or do nothing special at all.

And what is a normal day of riding for you?
Haha – I drive like hell with my van to the woods with my helmet and knee pads on already and my bike secured in the back, than I have to walk up and ride down like a maniac... or I ride the dirt line in my backyard or other spots here and there.

Tell us how it is to travel at least half the year and being forced to spend a lot of time on the road? Many believe it must be like living a dream, is it for you still that way?
Well I have to trave to get to the races and sometimes just to ride my bike... But I want to travel even more to ride as many different spots as possible. There is just so much to explore on a bike ; )

What discipline do you compete in?
I don´t understand this question. Sometimes my life is competion enough ; )

How can you describe your riding style?
I always have fun on a bike! “Ride wild and stay loose”.

How is your opinion on the wheel size discussion? 26”/650B/29” does size matter?
I think for downhill racing 650b is the better choice as it is faster and safer... but for the fun I prefer to you have a 26”. But to be honest I don’t know it yet. I must get a feeling for 650b especially by flips and big rotations. Than I can say more about it... well 29” is not my thing... I simply don´t like the look of it.

What are your biggest strengths?
Self-confidence! I believe in myself... So I can say to myself  “come on boy DO IT” and I will do it. I also know what I am capable to do, so I will not risk my head all the time – just from time to time ; )

Where do you excel most?
Big Jumps and fast tracks

What are your weaknesses?

Injuries are part of the game, when you ride on a certain level. Did you suffer from any injuries?
F*ck sh*t yes! They are part of the game and I play hard. I often feel my torn shoulder. I suffered two massive injuries on my left shoulder.  The last one happened at the race in Leogang in 2014. The doctor needed a while to fix it, but I am a little transformer now. Even if my shoulder is still painfull from time to time I never lost my faith in my strengths and I take training very serious to improve stability – I hope this will help.

Can you give us an overview of your personal top achievments in the sport?
Quite often participating  in MTB or action sport movies
Invited to Red Bull Wide Open
Last year was a good and safe start to the season after a long recovery break and not that much motivation with all the pain. But last year marked my comeback.
Third place on the European Cup (as a Junior ) a few years ago (before my first hard crash)
But the most important thing is that I´m alive and I love to ride bikes every time.

What are your goals for the future?
Being able to ride at the Loose Fest and race faster… A dream would be to ride the Rampage!

Why do you ride Reverse Components / Solid Bikes?
It´s real, it´s true and it´s like a family. I just love the vibe and the people there and I really like this awesome bike and the carbon parts

Anything you wish from your sponsor?
A long long long long time together. [we feel the same]

A last statement…
Ride wild, ride loose and stay true

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