Mick Hannah




Home town
Cairns, Australia & Buena Vista Colorado USA


When did you start biking?
1987 (aged 4)

When did you start racing?
1990 (aged 7)

What fascinates you about biking?
The freedom that my wheels give me!

Greatest achievement?

  • 2nd 2013 World Championships
  • 6th 2013 World Cup Overall
  • 3rd 2013 UCI World Ranking
  • 4th 2012 World Championships
  • 3rd 2009 World Championships
  • 5th 2009 World Cup Overall

Goals in Bike Sport?
My biggest goal is to become World Champion and World Cup overall Champion
I would also love to be able to look back on my life in this sport and know that I have made a positive contribution

Worst injury?
I smashed my collar bone into 6 pieces when I was 17

Why Reverse Components / Solid Bikes?
We love to work with companies who share our dream and goals. We are aiming for the top and expect no less from our supporters

Your strengths?
I think my power and my jumping have been my biggest strengths

Your weaknesses?
My biggest weakness has been wet technical tracks. I am working hard on those though!

Do you have a facebook profile?

Other hobby’s apart from biking?
I love shooting and spear fishing, but I don’t get to do them much

Your dream?
I feel blessed to be living my dream. I always wanted to travel the world and ride my bike! I love meeting new people and getting to see and experience the world

Your idol?
I am a christian. My biggest hero is Jesus

This is how I train!
Hard! ha ha

Music while biking, yes or no?

What really annoys me is…
Bad attitudes. Especially when I struggle with my bad attitude. Life is amazing when you have a healthy perspective

Anything else?
Go ride your bike!

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