Joshua Barth (DE)

Hi Joshua can you introduce yourself shortly?
Hi I’m Joshua Barth aka El Baborito aka Joshi. I am from Neuenbürg in the Black Forest which is also  near to Bad Wildbad (my homespot). I am a young pinner with just 19 years of age and I 0love to ride my bike a bit loose ; )

Can you tell us how you started riding a bike?
I got a BMX bike when I was a little kid. I was ridding this thing almost every day. But my dad asked me one day if I would like to join the local bike club without knowing what he would cause… This is basically how it all started… as I loved riding my bike.

Did you use training wheels?
Yes. (but no one should ever hear about it)

What was your first bike?
A BMX… but I made the transfer from the 20” wheels to 26” and 27,5” as soon as I grew up.

When was your first race? And in which discipline?
I think it was in 2002 when I tried it with some Cross-Country Raceing.

How did you become a professional rider?
Well mainly due to training and good results

Can you give our customers any advice?
If you want an awesome downhill bike to have fun on the track...ride a Solid Strike!!!

Would you mind to describe a normal day in your life, when you are off the bike?
I am still a trainee so I need to get up early… at 5.30am. Then I go to work for a normal eight hour shift and later to the gym to do some cross fit. This leaves still a bit time for chilling at my place but not too much… As I also need to sleep like all of you guys.

And what is a normal day of riding for you?
Get up to have some fun on my bike until the sunlight is gone so I can fall quite happy and exhausted into my bed :)

Tell us how it is to travel at least half the year and being forced to spend a lot of time on the road? Many believe it must be like living a dream, is it for you still that way?
When the time has come that I can spend most of my time on the bike I will be more than happy to travel all year… ; ) Well I would called it than like living the dream.

What discipline do you compete in?
Downhill as simple as it get’s

How can you describe your riding style?
I don´t know... wild and loose and as close as it get’s to perfection haha :D

How is your opinion on the wheel size discussion? 26”/650B/29” does size matter?
650B is the best thing that could happen. It is so much better than 26. I love 650B and never want to ride something else

What are your biggest strengths?
My motivation and a general positive attitude I guess …

Where do you excel most?
Steep and technical tracks.

What are your weaknesses?
Not the best when you have to be hard on the padels and “BÄRMS” [berms]

Injuries are part of the game, when you ride on a certain level. Did you suffer from any injuries?

Can you give us an overview of your personal top achievments in the sport?
German Juniors National Champ in 2013 and I started 2 times for the national Team at the World champs. The third place at the German cup in Bad Wildbad in 2014 and another great moment was the third place at the seeding run in Leogang last year. I nerver thought that it was possible for me on this track at a European cup race. [note from Matthias – he managed to ride this insane run with a bursted rear Shock – even more impressive]

What are your goals for the future?
Being a constant rider in the top 60 at world cup races. To improve my appearance on the international stage and hopefully I will never loose my motivation.

Why do you ride Reverse Components / Solid Bikes?
Because I love their stuff and being part of the family  :)

Anything you wish from your sponsor?
YES… I would like to be back to Malaga – Peter please make it happen.

A last statement…

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