Hannes Slavik (AT)

Hi Hannes can you introduce yourself shortly?
My name is Slavik Hannes, I am 26 Years old, coming from Austria, Vienna.

Can you tell us how you started riding a bike?
I started riding my bike when I was 3 years old and joined the BMX Club close to my house at the age of 7.  After a lot of international BMX experience I also started to race 4x in 2008 and since 2012 finally got also to Enduro and DH.

What was your first bike?
I got a city Bike which I totally hated and destroyed really quick with some stair jumps. Then my Parents understood that I really wanted a BMX.

When was your first race? And in which discipline?
It was a BMX race with the age of 7.

You have properly seen Jackson Goldstone or have heard of him. What do you think when you see what kids these days are capable to do on a bike? What does this mean for the future of biking?
For me it is not about the child itself and his skills, it’s more about the fact that there are such impressive training facilities nowadays at some special places on this earth. If you are one of these lucky children having a place like this around, you have playground which never gets boring, no matter on which skill level you are. So it isn’t surprising that those riders will push the sport to the next level. Imagine something like Bike Park Whistler being built in Austria is unfortunately just an unreal dream.  

How did you become a professional rider?
I always put a lot of work into my lifestyle on and off the track. Good cooperation with my sponsors is as important as the good results. So I worked my way up step by step to the place where I am right now. I didn’t have much Sponsors or support at the age of 14 besides my parents, but I think a professional rider is someone who trains and lives professional, this way I could take this important step.

Would you mind to describe a normal day in your life, when you are off the bike?
I coordinate my Sponsors, study and train. Sounds less to do than it actually is, but there’s not too much time left for anything else.

And what is a normal day of riding for you?
Get up early, eat well, ride my bike, do some additional training, clean my bike, eat, sleep and repeat

Tell us how it is to travel at least half the year and being forced to spend a lot of time on the road? Many believe it must be like living a dream, is it for you still that way?
I really love to be at the races all over Europe and sometimes the world. But I hate the time it takes to get there. I love the way it is, but it is definitely time that teleportation becomes reality!

What discipline do you compete in?
4X, City DH, Enduro, BMX

How can you describe your riding style?
Because of my BMX background I definitely have that “stay low” racing style when it comes about getting fast.

How is your opinion on the wheel size discussion?
BMX: 20”
4x: 26”
Enduro,DH: 650B

What are your biggest strengths?
Power out of the gate and turns

Where do you excel most?
Jumps and fast Tracks

What are your weaknesses?
Long uphill pedaling : P

Injuries are part of the game, when you ride on a certain level. Did you suffer from any injuries?
I broke my right and left clavicle and also injured both ankles. Last season I had massive luck when I went over my handlebars after a 14 m jump right into the wood section. I was knocked out for 30 minutes and got flight to the hospital, glad I could be back on the bike 6 weeks later without any pain left.

Can you give us an overview of your personal top achievements in the sport?
1st Place 4x pro Tour Val di Sole, Italy
1st European 4x Series Swiss
1st Maxxis Dual Slalom Saalbach Bike and Beats
3rd Place 4x pro Tour Polen
4th Place 4x pro Ford William, Scottland

What are your goals for the future?
Top 3:          4x Pro Tour
Top 10:     City Dh World Cup
Top 10:     European Enduro Series

Why do you ride Reverse Components / Solid Bikes?
Because they do have awesome products and also some of the friendliest people I know. The cooperation is perfect and I really love to be a part of that team and represent the Reverse Components at every day I ride.

Anything you wish from your sponsor?
I hope we both will have a great and successful time together in the upcoming seasons.

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